Stained Glass windows

Stained glass
April 19, 2017

The stained glass : an ancestral art at the time of the news.

Church - Stained Glass WindowStained glass, what comes to the minds of most of us, it is the impressive we have all been able to admire one day the time of a visit in a castle, a church or a cathedral and whose intriguing complexity never ceases to amaze the art lovers that we are. Nowadays, this ancestral art dating from the Middle Ages remains current in various forms, knowing to combine modernity and the know-how of a craft of epoch while adapting to the present needs of our society.

The stained glass in renovation

Among the many historical and old buildings in the country, there are many of them, decorated with stained-glass windows , have suffered the pangs of time, making them prone to wear.
In the field of renovation, specialists who have preserved the know-how necessary for the maintenance of these works of art are rare. The stained glass manufacturer Vitraux Prestige is among the rare privileged to still know the techniques of yesteryear and the most modern tools to render to your Stained glass or your stained glass their original appearance.


Stained glass in the modern era

Today, the use of the Stained Glass is no longer reserved for religious and medieval buildings, as the modern era widens the use of this art form. Many enthusiasts have the luxury of ornamenting their home with of this type of decoration , which has become an original and customized alternative to traditional paintings and ornaments . The company “ Vitraux Prestige” also specialized in the creation of modern creations, thus opening the possibility of using this medium for advertising and commercial purposes, such as storefronts , Pubs etc … this will not leave visitors indifferent thus attracting the eye of a new clientele.
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