Stained glass

Stained Glass windows
April 19, 2017

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Stained Glass

Stained glass is mainly called colored glass. They have been used in the window of churches, mosques and other great buildings. They are mostly created in flat5 structure used for windows, but the modern stain glasses are in 3-dimention shape.  These colors are due to the metallic slat added during manufacturing.  The colored glass are arranged together and held in frame. Stained glass, require a good artist skill to design a marketable stain glass and engineering skills to arrange the glasses together. Stained glass is still used today, but often referred to as art glass than stain glass. You see it in luxury homes, commercial buildings and places people worship. Artists and companies are mostly consulted to create beautiful stain glasses of windows and backsplash.


How a Stain Glass Is Made

The creation of a stained glass needs an excellent skill of the artist and the good use of tools. This takes a considerable number of years before you can master the art of it.  The various satin glass windows began first with a design. The artist has the sketch or cartoon of the window, the shape of the glass and the color used, and the details the customer will want to paint on them. After this process, the individual pieces of glass are cut from the large colored glass. A special tool such as a dividing iron is used by some of the artists to cut the colored glass to shape. The piece cut from the colored glass is used by the artist to make what the customer want. After the painting of the piece cut from the large colored glass, it will be fired and this step is called kiln. The pieces are held together by lead.  And cement will be applied to where we have the lead to make the colored glass firm. All of this is not an easy process. We have a variation to different jobs; the artist will spend hours trying to create a beautiful stain glass for churches and mosques.

Vitraux Prestige Company is one of the stain glass manufacturers in Montreal and its surroundings. Vitraux Prestige is into the mosaic glass, fusing glass, and architectural glass manufacturers and suppliers.  We offer many stain glasses choices. We are located at 6850 rue Bombardier in Saint-Leonard. We as a company offer very affordable prices on our stain glasses, fusing glass supplies, excellent bargain with a lot of sheet of glasses to choose from. We teach various stain glasses course, classes on how you can fix gases, mosaic glass classes, and we offer you a demo to show how to use the stain glasses you buy from us. If you can come to our warehouse in Montreal, you can also get all or stain glass, stained glass supplies, and fusible glass supplies, fusing glass at every of our store all in Montreal and around the world. For homes, you may go for cabinet glass, bathroom glass in your home. Our company is also into custom-made shelves for your various decorative purposes. The Photo Gallery allows our customers to view all of the work we have done in the past and how creative we can be in handling their own satin glass. Our designer works with you to help you with the artist work in creating a beautiful stain on your business, homes, and offices.


Vitraux Prestige Company Services

  1. Custom stained made stained glasses

Vitraux Prestige will provide you excellence craftsmanship in every one of our services.  We can customize your doors and religious stain glasses. We design and manufacture Montreal glass windows, and stain glasses.  We customize your entire window base on your specification. We adhere strictly to your specifications. All our product are built by experienced artist and engineers and our quality cannot be compared to others. We offer you a personal assistant to make sure your stain glasses are fixed appropriately. You can browse through the gallery section of our website and choose the design you like and we will make sure we redesign it to fit your specifications. You can also tell us your idea and we will transfer it to a sketch and produce a design for you. Stained glass always makes our house clean and add value to it all of the time. Vitraux Prestige stained glass gives a lasting beauty to your home.


  1. Stain Glass Repair and Restorations

Vitraux Prestige have a lot of experience and expertise in the repair of stained glass.

If your satin glass has any form of stain or damage, then we can offer you a repair without having to remove it completely from the frame. This process helps you to save a lot of time, money and various damages on the satin glass. No matter how broken the glass maybe we can repair it at that same point. Repair on the broken stained glasses might be a little difficult. Each piece of glass is cut accurately to shape using matching color and texture. The same piece of glasses matching the color is cut to that space in the frame. Once the glass is in place, the lead is used to seal it. This process can restore the satin glass and return it to its initial shape with the help of our expert craftsmanship services.

Painted and fired glass restoration

Stained glass painting involves various methods:
1) Match up the color of the original glass
2) Once the glass matching is done, cut the new glass to its position and paint it. The paint is mixed with metallic oxides, cadmium which allows the paint to flow and fixed the glass when been fired.
3) The outlines should be painted. This is also known as traces.
4) You matted it once it’s cooled.
5) Once the matt get dried you will be able to work on it to create the 3D images. This process can’t be rushed. And when you get the desired result you fire it.
6) The final painting is with silver nitrate.  This process is what give stain glass its name because we are virtually changing the color through chemical reaction.  We specialize in the repair and restoration of your stain glasses.


Stained glass courses

Stained glass courses are taught in Vitraux Prestige Company and other popular craft. This will be training for beginner and experienced artists. This course will cut across glass cutting, soldering, and assembling. If you love stain glasses you in churches and mosques and in commercial buildings, then this course will be for you. Below are the various courses under stain Glass:

Copper foil stained glass class

We all love the color in the stain glass. Can you imagine been able to make one of those color on the glass.  This course will introduce you to the art of making copper foil stain glass. You will be thought the different method this is done. You will be able to do this in the training.

You will learn the following the course:

  • The various way o cut the glass
  • The process of wrapping the glass in copper foil
  • The process of soldering the glass together

And you don’t need any prior experience. The company will provide everything you will need for the training. All you need is the willingness to learn from our experienced artists.

Leaded Stained Glass

We will take you through the process of leaded stained glass. Leaded stained glass is applied on door and windows. The glass is more than that of the foil stain glass and soldered together.

Things you will learn in the course:

  • The best way to cut the glass
  • How to insert the glass into the lead
  • How to soldier the glass and have it ready
  • How to clean and finish your project.

The company will make sure all the tools and materials you need are, made available to you.

Stained Glass Copper Foil Improvers course

This class will be the continuation of the copper foil stain glass. You will be taught how to design a box that will hold candle.  The various waste glasses are used in this project.

Techniques covered include:

  • Design a pattern for your box
  • Make the box
  • Soldering surfaces that are not flat